Instructor Preparation - Online Blended Part 1 Articles

Thank you for your interest in Instructor Preparation - Online Blended Part 1. We hope you enjoy these articles that discuss some important issues in our industry.

Female skins for PractiMan CPR manikins

PractiMan, a leading manufacturer of medical and training manikins, has recently released a new product line of female CPR manikin skins. These innovative skins are designed to improve the accuracy and realism of CPR training for female patients while also addressing the need for gender diversity in medical simulation.

ITG New Website Launched

ITG have now launched their new website. It has been set up to provide a wide range of courses and information as clearly and concisely as possible.

Guest Speaker from Celox Haemostatic Dressings attending Birmingham Conference

We are pleased to announce that Toni Murch MC Para will be speaking at our Birmingham conference on Friday 15th July. He will be covering the modules on Catastrophic Bleeding. This information will also be fully covered on the Colchester conference on the 28th July.

New forms for ProTrainings and Regulated Qualifications

We have updated many of our forms for ProTrainings and Regulated qualifications to directly link them with the learning outcomes to make mapping easier. To support these new forms we have added mapping documents which are under a separate tab.

Day rate work – Instructors needed

We will soon be launching a new portal on the ProTrainings instructor dashboard for day rate work and this will replace the blog that we use at the moment as some instructors have problems with accessing emails and updates. We hope to launch this very soon.

Create a free training portfolio with your ProTrainings course login

We have added a feature that creates and keeps a training portfolio direct from your ProTrainings student login page. It is important to keep a training portfolio to track and prove your training and CPD. With this new feature, you can add any existing training that you have and experience and the courses you take though ProTrainings either as online blended or direct with a ProTrainings approved instructor nationally are automatically added to your portfolio.